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Larry Christianson is a Minnesota poet living in the Twin Cities metro area. For him – poetry is about paying attention as life rolls along.  Observation and reflection.  Insight and vision.  Storytelling and self-discovery – all the while giving voice to memories and meanings in a stripped down style that aims to open many doors for readers to enter into their own stories and hopes and dreams.

New book - East of Nowhere

In East of Nowhere Larry Christianson travels landscapes of the earth, heart and spirit through poems telling stories from up north Minnesota to heartstrings tugging at memories and meanings east of nowhere. This is the latest book in Christianson’s “Compass Collection” joining Beyond Time: Poems from North of the Tension Line (2008), South of Contrary (2009) and West of Everywhere (2010) – also available from North Star Press of St. Cloud.

Small voice
      of becoming,
      of belonging.

Settling through breezes
      whispering calmly,

East of nowhere –
      all along healing
      on inner landscapes
            of humanity.
Traces of heart
      and spirit resting
      on contented journeys
            toward home.

Treasured milestones
      and cherished
      for no longer
On comforting ledges
      east of nowhere.

--Larry Christianson
    September 2009
    while camping solo at Sawbill Lake
    in the Boundary Waters
    East of Nowhere